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Gallery Folders

Lego Loki by Victoria-Creed
Loki by Victoria-Creed
Loki Laufeyson by ElbarethIB
Loki and Thor by ElbarethIB
I recommend to kneel before me by SoUrLiMoNFrEsH
Thor Ragnarok - Hulk's back by TesseractGlow
Loki - Ragnarok III by AdmiralDeMoy
The Magic Within by palefire73
Thor 2 - Loki
Loki - Burdened with Glorious Purpose XIII Ver III by AdmiralDeMoy
Loki - Burdened with Glorious Purpose XIII Ver II by AdmiralDeMoy
Loki - Burdened with Glorious Purpose XIII Ver I by AdmiralDeMoy
Loki's Death TTDW by palefire73
Loki and his kids
Loki Sons by FalseDelusion
Extremely Random Sketchdump by WhatItMeansToBeHuman
Are you my Mummy? by WhatItMeansToBeHuman

Mature Content

Mask of the Queen by Alexiel-VIII
Tom Hiddleston
Sir Thomas Sharpe - Crimson Peak V (Full Version) by AdmiralDeMoy
Sir Thomas Sharpe - Crimson Peak V (Section) by AdmiralDeMoy
Sir Thomas Sharpe, Crimson Peak by CBaddict
Is The World Still Spinning Around? by Sepheratta
Chibi Loki
AVENGERS - Jailrape-repelent by Tanita-sama
Loki's Evil Laugh by ryodita
Little Loki Black and white by AnnMarcus63
I'm the real King by AnnMarcus63
Loki Wallpaper
Loki Seamless Tile by Sepheratta
Loki Shrine 1 by Tokyo-Trends
Loki wallpaper by Sketchevrywir
Loki Wallpaper by Sabi13
Naughty Loki

Mature Content

LOKI, god of OMFG! by AlphaLightBearer

Mature Content

Loki - Lie In Wait by Sakona15
Fanservice Meme Loki by Sketchevrywir
Happy Valentine's Day by Sketchevrywir
Champion by og1885
Happy Halloween by og1885
COMMISSION - Thor Loki - When we were brothers by LadyMintLeaf
Unbeatable. by TesseractGlow
Frost Iron ~ by TesseractGlow
.:Frostiron:. Thought I was gone? by Hochmut
Take the cookies! by TesseractGlow

Mature Content

Frostpudding 1 by sharraXtheXcubone
Other Loki Pairings
Different Clothing Style Art by CatalinaAcosta
Loki and OC
With you / Loki x Sigyn by conejogalactiko
The Avengers- oversized hideaway box by RFabiano
Lady Loki 02 by og1885
Lady Loki
Sorcery by Zorrogreen
Jotun Loki
Frost by Kavarr-Damian
Comic Strips
stamps and icons
Midgard Thor-Loki stamp by Sketchevrywir
Transcend: A Candle to Guide Me by DReamOZ





• Be polite and use common sense to admins and other members.
• Please submit to the right folder. If you don't know where something belongs, just ask.
• Everyone is automatically accepted as well as deviations. Don't make us change our minds on this decision.


- We will decide what gets put in the featured folder. All submissions to this folder will be subject for voting and will be accepted if we think it's your absolute best.

- Pretty self explained. Everything that has to do with Loki that doesn't fit into any other category goes here.

Thor 2 - Loki
- Again, self explained. Loki as he appears in Thor 2.

Loki and his kids
- Loki with Sleipnir, Fenrir, etc. Everything that has to do with the God of Mischief and his children go here.

Tom Hiddleston
- Another self explained title. Tom art goes here.

Chibi Loki
- Chibi's, what more to say?

Loki Wallpaper

Naughty Loki
- The mature folder. All mature Loki art goes here.

- Thor x Loki pairing folder. All art of the two together is submitted here.

Iron Man/Tony Stark x Loki pairing folder. All art of the two together is submitted here.

-Loki x Tom Hiddleston pairing folder. All art of the two together is submitted here.

Other Loki Pairings
- For the pairings we don't have folders for, submit them here.

Loki and OC
- Loki with your/your friends/your grandma's Original Character's should be submitted here. OC does not have to be from Marvel/etc. As long as Loki is in it, it still goes here.

- ALL literature goes here, whether it be Thorki or LokixOC.

- Dolls, Props, etc. that resemble Loki, Lady Loki, etc. goes here.

- All cosplay of Loki or Loki pairings go here.

Lady Loki
- The Goddess of Mischief. Art of her goes here.

Jotun Loki
- Loki in his Jotun form art goes here.

-2+ page comics with Loki, pairings, etc.

Stamps and Icons
I am relinquishing my position as Founder to Co-founder.
I have not been tending to this group anymore like I used to.
Back then I had time on my hands to do a lot of stuff and take care of this group responsibly and make...some updates.
But now, I'm 20, out of school and have responsibilities and my only fun time interest anymore is just drawing  and writing when I have the free time. I haven't even played video games in a while because art and fanfics have taken over part of mah life XD
There are a few other things that I have abandoned completely, like ChickenSmoothie :(
It's not that I have lost interest in Loki, I just don't have the time anymore to take care of this group properly and make updates. My interest in Loki has changed a little, I'm not as obsessed as before.
I want to pass down this poor group to someone who has the time to care and love this group as if it is your child.
I need someone who will tend and care for this group RESPONSIBLY!

-DON'T delete any folders already made. You may add more if you want.
-Care for your members, contributors, co-founders. Be kind, tend to their needs if necessary.
-You are allowed to edit the icon without my permission if you'd like.
-DON'T kick out people willy nilly without any reasons.  
-Handle fights and arguments responsibly.

In the comments, write down that you want to take responsibility of this group and why you want to take over and tell me how much you love this group and Loki ;D
ASLO - You need to have this in your comment bellow what you have typed [I (your username) Agree to the terms and wish to take full responsibility of this group and take care of it and be kind and tenant to my members, contributors, and co-founders] IF THIS IS NOT IN YOUR COMMENT THEN I WILL IGNORE YOUR COMMENT! So don't for get to copy and paste that in your comment.
DON'T make it short and sweet. Gimme a brief paragraph or two.
Pretty much I want to see how much you care and how badly you want to take over this group. Take pride in what you write.
I will choose who's comment was best, what catches my eye most, and I will make another journal announcing the lucky pick.

I WILL GIVE EVERYONE UNTIL NEXT THURSDAY. so that everyone has seen this journal and want to volunteer.
I am sorry If this journal is crapily written, I've never been good at writing out formal announcements. Also sorry for all the caps words, I'm not trying to be scary, I just want to make damn sure everyone doesn't miss the important parts I want y'all to see.

If you have any questions and/or need to talk to me about something? Send me a note
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